Keynote Speakers

ICENTE18 : Keynote Speakers
26 Oct ~ 28 Oct


Prof. Dr. Abdullah Uz TANSEL

Abdullah Uz Tansel received his BS in management, and his MS and PhD degrees in computer science from the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara Turkey. He has also received his MBA degree at the University of Southern California. After being a faculty member at the Middle East Technical University, Dr. Tansel joined Baruch College, the City University of New York (CUNY) where he is currently a professor of Information Systems and also a professor of computer science at The Graduate Center of CUNY. Professor Tansel’s research focus is on temporal databases and he has made significant contributions in this field. He also headed the editorial board that published the first book on temporal databases ‘Temporal Databases: Theory, Design, and Implementation’ (1993). Dr. Tansel has a pending patent application on adding temporality to RDF. His research interests are Database Management Systems, Temporal Databases, Semantic Web, and Blockchain Databases. Dr. Tansel has published many articles in the conferences and journals of the ACM, IEEE and other organizations. He is also a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.  

Baruch College, City University of Newyork (CUNY), USA

Presentation Title:  " Blockchain as a Database and Cryptocurrencies "

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Fahri OZOK

Prof. Dr. A. F. Ozok graduated from Vefa Highschool as top of 1959 class and continued his education in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University and graduated in 1964.

Former dean of the Faculty of Management, Istanbul Technical University, founder of Turkish Ergonomics Association, faculty member in Department of Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Technical University and currently Professor in Industrial Engineering Department, Okan University.

Prof. Dr. A. F. Ozok got a scholarship from Darmstadt Technical University as a research assistant and done some doctoral studies. In 1969, Prof. A. F. Ozok started to work in Istanbul Technical Universityas a research assistant. Then Prof. Dr. A. F. Ozok worked as guest lecturer in several universities such as Perugia University in Italia, Paris XVI. Louis University and Stanford University in USA. He is also a graduate from Theoretical Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Istanbul Technical University and one of his most important talents is his teaching talent in foreign languages. He is capable in English (Government Certificate of Foreign Language), French (Alliance Française), German (Government Certificate of Foreign Language), Italian (Italian Culture Institute Certificate) and Spanish.

Okan University, Turkey

Presentation Title:  " Quantification of Man-Machine Systems in Engineering  "

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayhan EROL

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ayhan Erol worked as a teacher at Ministry of Education between 1991-93. He started his academic career at Faculty of Technical Education, Afyon Kocatepe University in 1993. As of 2013 he is working as a Assoc.Prof.Dr. at Faculty of Technology, Afyon Kocatepe University.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ayhan Erol started his undergraduate education at Faculty of Technical Education, Gazi University in 1985. He started to work on his PHD in 1994 at University of Bradford under the supervision of Prof Dr. Ian J. McColm and finished it in1999.He supervised 11 masters and PHD thesis and was in part of 15 academic projects. Over the years he fulfilled many administrative tasks at Afyon Kocatepe University and continues to do so.

Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey

Presentation Title:  " Microwave Sintering of Electroless Ni Plated SiC Powders  "